An introduction to HACCP

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Ensuring food safety has to be the most important aspect for any food business.  The consequences of not providing safe to your customers can not only harm consumers but also your business.  Food businesses world-wide operate under a food safety program which has been based on HACCP.



Your business may be required by law or by your customers to have a HACCP based food safety program implemented within your business. This training module provides an introduction to the concept of HACCP. The five preliminary steps and 7 principles of HACCP are covered along with an overview of HACCP legal requirements.

Time Frame: 20 minutes

Publisher: HACCP Mentor

Assessment: Yes

Certificate: A certificate of completion is available for all successful participants

Access Period: 12 months from purchase with a valid hosted business training portal

Format: Video Presentation with Voice Over

Closed Captions: Yes

Language: English

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